Lesleys Latest Autumn

Where did the time go, they say that times goes faster as you get older and I would have to agree with that; as a child the holidays seemed to stretch for an eternity with the herald of autumn coming when my mum took me to buy new school uniform for September. Now, it’s just one mad rush trying to fit everything in before going back to work.

I hope you have all enjoyed your holidays and I’d like to welcome you all back after the summer break, taking this opportunity to thank all of our stewards who worked so hard at our THS’s this year. We all know that they do a tremendous job and we couldn’t manage without them.

If any of you have been anywhere over the summer which may be suitable for us to visit as a THS or indeed a weekend meet please pass this on to our committee as we are always open to suggestions.

Peter and I had a great holiday this year. We went to Spain for the main part of our holidays, spending time in Barcelona and Gerona. Following this, we made our way steadily up to Paris for a few days, visiting a fashion exhibition for Hollie {one of those weird designers – I kept getting his name wrong), a visit to Versailles which was amazing and the Montmartre district which has been on my list of places to go for some time now.

We are coming up to a very busy time in our camping year –
Fireworks, Christmas Shopping, Dinner Dance and New Year Meet.
We will be taking bookings for these in the near future and look forward to your support.

Happy 50th birthday wishes to Tracy and Jane who both celebrated thebig one this August…
See you all soon.

Lesley Cobb
H.D.A. Chair

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