Lesleys Latest Autumn 2012

Back to work …… Where did the time go? Is this the start of the big countdown to Christmas!

I’d like to welcome you all back after the long summer break and take the opportunity to thank all of our stewards who worked so hard at our THS’s this year. We all know that they do a tremendous job and we couldn’t manage without them. If any of you have been anywhere over the summer which may be suitable for us to visit as a THS or indeed a weekend meet please pass this on to our committee as we are always open to suggestions.

Peter and I had a great holiday this year venturing to pastures new- not in the caravan for most of it. We went to New York to celebrate Hollie’s 21st although it’s not her birthday
until October. It was brilliant, but as you can imagine, extremely busy. We couldn’t escape it even in New York…. Peter had seen a restaurant called Daisy May’s on” Food network” which had superb reviews and was said to be one of the top barbecuing venues in the Big
Apple. We were not disappointed; after talking at length to one of the chefs Peter is now more determined than ever to get his smoker up and running. I have to admit that I have never tasted meat like it- cooked for over 14 hours it was delicious.

We are coming up to a very busy time in our camping year – Bonfire, Christmas Shopping, Dinner Dance and New Year Meet etc. Also, John has booked Wetherby Racecourse for us to visit, so this is a new one to look forward to, within walking distance of Wetherby town centre and a car boot on Sunday.

As you know, we have taken on the challenge of running next year’s Region Meet. We have already had some volunteers which is we’ll keep you posted about the date for the first meeting for anyone else who would like to help.

Lesley Cobb
H.D.A. Chair

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