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Following our committee meeting after the AGM we would like to inform you of some changes that have been decided on.

All members that attended the AGM meeting will now get a count towards their Dinner Dance discounts
Also when a meeting has been cancelled ie due to bad weather that will now go towards your Dinner Dance discounts.

And as from the AGM all week end meet stewards will now camp for free on the week end they are stewarding. The way i will implement this is for the steward to fill in the attendance sheet as normal with their name etc and the amount of the week end meet fee, this is so the expenditure sheet will  still balances. When all monies have been collected and added up you will still subtract the amount for the land owner as per usual, but where it states on the expenditure sheet expenses you will then enter the amount being refunded for steward. If there have not been enough monies in the surplus to pay the steward, could you please pay your fees as usual and then you will have an additional form to claim your refund back from me and i will try to get the money to you asap. If there are more than one steward for a normal camping week end, then you will have to share the camping fees between yourselves.

This will run from AGM to AGM

Carolyn Armitage

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