Lesley’s Latest Summer 2013

Hello Everyone.

What a busy time it’s been these last few weeks getting ready for the Yorkshire Region Meet, we’ve hardly had time to draw breath.

The Region Meet was a huge success, another Huddersfield triumph. I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to our committee members and to those members who helped out at the working party, and also to the members who supported us by coming to the meet.

We did have a lot of help from Yorkshire Region and others from across the county, but I feel that it was down to the hard work and dedication of our committee, those organising the trade, the entertainment, bar and the welcoming party in the admin tent as well as the behind the scenes jobs that made the meet the huge success that it was. As I said in my speech on stage at the meet, I don’t want to name names as everyone was amazing and if I stopped to acknowledge individuals, I would upset someone by forgetting something and missing someone out.

The weather was not too bad, in fact the Friday evening was lovely. It did rain on Saturday night, but the group “Helterskelter” were so good that everyone just kept on dancing. Everyone seemed to enjoy them, and it was a real coup clinching them to join us as they are heavily sought after in the local area. Jemma James was the supporting act for Saturday, and I’m sure many of you know her parents Jaquie and David, who must have been so proud of her. The only slight downside was a technical hitch with the sound system for the performing artists on Friday evening, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves all the same.

Another first was the landing of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance on the Saturday morning. It landed in the field just to the side of the meet; the crew were all lovely, posing for photographs and letting people have a good look at the helicopter. We were very lucky to get them, if there had been a call out, we would have missed out on this fabulous

All in all, the region meet was a huge success and I’m glad we took on the challenge even though it was hard work!

Before I depart, I would like to offer congratulations to Stephen Coley on behalf of everyone at Huddersfield on his successful election as a councillor for the Yorkshire Region Committee. Good luck with your new position. This now left us short of an Appointed Representative to Yorkshire Region which I am pleased to say is hopefully going to be taken on by Roman Boryslawskyj although this has yet to be confirmed at our next committee meeting.

I hope you all have a long, sunny and enjoyable break over the next few weeks, and I’ll see you all in September!

Lesley Cobb
H.D.A. Chair (now, redundant Region Meet Chair – thank goodness….)

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