Roman’s Forum AGM 2014

Welcome to my first opportunity to comment since my election to Chair of the DA.

I must say it is an honour and privilege to be able to take on the post.

For those of you who attended the AGM you will know that for the first time in many years we were over subscribed for candidates to form a new committee which resorted to election and voting. It is warming to know that many of you are committed to ensuring the future success of the DA by offering your service to it.

A list of the new committee members are on the opposite page and you will see there is a mixture of new and existing names which I feel is an excellent platform to move forward with new ideas and have the backing of experience.

My thanks go out to Lesley for her stewardship as Chair for the past few years and wish her and Peter many relaxing and hassle free camping days ahead.

Finally, please feel free to approach me or any of the other committee members with your suggestions or concerns as we are all elected on the basis that we are there to serve you, the members to ensure the future success of this DA.


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