Events coordinator’s report – Easter

Events coordinator’s report


My thanks go to everyone who helped get the tombola ready for Friday. It was an enjoyable evening with a few bevvies to make the task not as boring!!


Thanks Nick for putting on the boilers, I had a peak out at 8.00 and there was Nick, already up and boilers filled and lit.

Thanks also to Peter for putting together his grill. Without it we couldn’t make the bacon butties, which went down very well till we ran out of bread. Memo to myself…next year, get extra bread!!

Thanks to everyone who helped in the marquee with the teas and hot cross buns. I think the bacon butties were more popular than the buns as we had lots to give away at the Sunday coffee morning.

Also thanks to all the people who helped with the tombola either on Friday or Sunday…we made a whopping £151.00, less the cost of the cloakroom tickets. It’s a lot of work but it’s all profit, so worth the effort. Thanks Sharon and Lesley for selling the horses, a very worthwhile job, as we’d have no race night on Saturday. The sale of the horses goes a long way towards the total raised of £334.74









Race Night








Cake Raffle




For Youth Funds



All went well, if not a little rushed. The Cabaret singer Gemma James had already been booked for Saturday night before the race night was decided on, so we had to squeeze her spots in between races. This year the races were shown on a big screen and were better than I had hoped but next year, we’ll go back to the real thing!! Arabian Nights” will be the theme next year so time to dust off the fez and your belly dancing outfits! ! My thanks go to Michael for his fantastic excel programme, which works out the prize money in seconds. Much better than paper and pen and my Brain! Thanks also to the eight ladies on the Tote, Lesley (Wood) Margaret, Ann, Naomi, Michaela, Dianne, Elaine and Elizabeth and our hospitality hosts, Lesley (O’Neil) with a little help from James and Christopher.

This year’s theme- Royal Ascot was well supported. There were lots of entries for the best-dressed punter, but unfortunately I didn’t win with my “Lighted Rose Hat”, shame!!


Once more Nick was up early and had the boilers on before I got up! Peter was also on the ball and was ready with the sausage and bacon for the first diners.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make lots of breakfasts. They were very popular so I think we’ll do it again next year if we can get the help we had this year. I’m not sure at this time how much we made on the food but we definitely made a profit without overcharging our campers.

Well the weather behaved and we held the egg races and Easter bonnet parade in the dry, thank goodness.

We didn’t have a lot of adult entries for the decorated egg competition but maybe next year we will.

My thanks to Doreen for judging the decorated egg competition and to our Lesley, Dianne and Margaret for judging the Easter bonnets, so very hard this year as we had a lot of entrants of all ages. I would never have thought of using a colander for a bonnet, but if seemed to work for the adult male winner!

My thanks go to Lesley (Cobb) for presenting the winners with their Easter eggs.

Sunday evening went very well. The timings were just right with the younger children taking part in the Egg Hunt, looking for over 200 eggs while the older people were buying their bingo tickets. The Bingo was well supported with winnings topping over £70 on each game. Definitely holding it again next year!

Harold then followed his bingo calling duties with entertaining the children with games and dances for the next hour.

Then we had the raffle. We decided to keep this to a small event by having three allocated prizes for first second and third, followed by only a few less expensive prizes. We hoped this would keep the time spent down to a minimum and we could have more time on the dance floor. Having a fantastic first prize (Kindle Paper white) enticed people to buy and we made a profit of £57.33.

This was my first year as events coordinator, although Paul and I were social officers before we took on the youth leaders position, many moons ago, so it wasn’t such a daunting task.

I had a great deal of help from Paul and Margaret who helped with the shopping, and my very grateful thanks go to Anne (Nelson) for printing the meet programmes and to Elaine for printing the Race night programmes.

I think events coordinator needs everyone to muck in with whatever needs to be done to get it up and running, and I’m delighted to say that’s what happened this year in York.

Thanks to all at H D A – What a Great Team!!


PS: Forgot to mention our Balloon ride on Good Friday. It was fantastic, well worth the 2-½ year wait! It was lovely to see so many campers come to watch us set off.

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