Roman’s Forum New Year 2015

I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and got all the presents & gifts you wished for, if not, better luck next year!
Before Christmas we held our dinner dance at Durker Roods and it was the largest turnout for some years. On the whole it was a very enjoyable evening but I understand some members experienced problems. Christine was aware of them and this was passed onto the staff so that next year we can make it a perfect evening for everyone. Please make sure you have received your dinner dance discount card and start recording your meets from now!

As a club our prime objective is the provision of weekend meets and THS’s and there are a number of them that still require stewards.
Without stewards we cannot function! As well helping the DA it can be rewarding to you as steward’s camp free at all our meets. As a matter of urgency we need a Chief Steward / Booking Officer for York at Easter, obviously same provisions apply but the running of the meet is greatly assisted by DA members and Committee. If you can offer a little of your time by helping the DA in this way, please see John Shedden who has the list. Your help in this would be appreciated.

You will have read in the previous Rams Head that there are a number of vacant committee positions coming up at the next AGM which is only 3 months away. Christine has offered to cover the Treasurer post up until then but I would welcome someone to come forward to take this role, before then if possible. Full tuition on the Clubs methods of recording has been offered by the former Region Treasurer, Mel Hill.

Well, that’s my recruitment drive over (on paper at least!), so I’ll sign off by wishing everyone a fantastic New Year and hope that 2015 fulfils all your aspirations!

HDA Chair

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