Roman’s Forum Winter 2015

This will be the last edition before the New Year and hopefully you have booked for York at the end of the month because it is fully booked!!

Although we are normally oversubscribed, John Inman informed us at the last committee meeting he had already a long waiting list, and that was by early October! We can only accept 75 units due to ground conditions, however if you haven’t booked depending how kind the weather has been, we will make a decision ON THE DAY if we can squeeze some more units on.

As part of the Club’s constitution we have to elect Youth Officers & a Treasurer by November each year. As Naomi Lockwood had already offered her services as Treasurer early in the year, she was formally elected to take over from Christine who’d undertaken both the role of Treasurer AND Social Coordinator during our time of need. As Vince & Lesley informed us earlier that they would be retiring from the Youth Leader roles, we duly elected Chris & Michaela Duffy who offered to be our new Youth Leaders. John Shedden also announced that he would not be seeking re-election at the next AGM after 9 years of arranging our sites.
John has produced his final sites list to ensure we have continued camping throughout 2016 and will be available to offer advice to anyone who fancies taking on the role, but in the meantime you could help John by offering YOUR services to steward in double quick time so that he enters his well earned “retirement” with a completed programme for 2016!

My thanks go to all those retiring and those picking up the gauntlet to ensure the continued smooth running of our DA.

Bookings are now being taken for both the Dinner Dance & New Year and I would sincerely like both events to be fully patronised where possible as full attendance always creates a fantastic atmosphere at both events!

…….and finally, If I don’t see you at either of the above two events may I

wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


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