Bentham 24th-26th March

Hi everyone, the Owners of Bentham Golf Club have moved us from the Golf Club to their Riverside Campsite at the weekend, due to an overrun of the work they are having done on site.

Details of the site can be found on the internet if you want to have a look.

The camp site is approximately 1/2 mile from the Golf Club, so in easy walking distance.
It is a full facility site and they are honouring the fees agreed so we will in fact be getting a bargin.

Please follow the directions in the Out and About, and

“In Bentham, pass Robin Lane and SP Golf Club; at Black Bull pub turn left into Station Road.
Cross railway bridge then follow HDA signs”.

The golf competition will be going ahead and if you want to join in please let Chris Duffy know ASAP.

The Club will be open for us to use in the evening and there will be presentation of prizes. If you want to dine, there is food available to order on the night.
Have a great weekend.

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