Roman’s Forum – Summer 2017

Since our last Rams Head we were faced with cancelling our THS at Ilkley due to lack of stewards. However Phil & Karen and Alan & Alison stepped in at the eleventh hour to ensure that the meet continued.

We are now faced with another meet in July looming upon us where a similar situation could occur with a lack of a steward. This will not happen though as I will start the meet and Gary & Sue Pearson will take over following their work commitments if no one comes forward before then.

The shortage of stewards seems to be a problem encountered by a number of DAs and sections, and again we see a neighbouring DA giving notice of folding due to a lack of volunteers.

Is this due to expectations of members of CCC demanding social events or activities to be available every weekend? I personally
feel there is an element of this and this is apparent in a letter we received from one of our stewards who was subjected to verbal
criticism for not having any entertainment arranged.

We all need to look to encouraging & supporting our DA and steward wherever possible as this takes the pressure off a number of committee members who look amongst each other to pick up the gaps, I am sure they give up a lot of their time already.

I have asked our Sites Secretary to consider producing a basic guide to stewarding to give to potential stewards, particularly those who may consider doing it for the first time or those who may feel that through previous experience will not undertake such duties again!

There is a need to emphasise the basics and that THERE IS NO OBLIGATION to do other than the minimal requirement for a normal weekend meet (which is generally fee collection, signage and coffee morning) and, where work or family commitments
compromise any of these, there’s usually a work around that can be found by someone arranging to sign early etc.

We do put on an extensive programme throughout the year and without stewards this may be compromised in the future. If you
feel that you may be able to help please ask me or any committee member and we will reassure you about what is required.

The 2018 programme is now being compiled and there maybe one that you may wish to take under your wing to steward – ask
now what is available rather than wait until next year!

Remember, Stewards have their fees reimbursed and THS stewards get mileage and out of pocket expenses on top of the free camping.

As this will be the final edition before the main holiday period, may I take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy holiday
wherever your destination and hope to see you at our meet at Pugney’s Water Park in September…….unless you are planning to
venture to the THS at Hinderwell near Whitby in August where I will be the Steward!


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