Roman’s Forum – Autumn 2018 Edition

I’m writing this from my pitch on the Isle of Wight where the sun is out and in the background not the noise of seagulls but that of scooters buzzing around the islands roads! It’s a couple of years since I joined the North Warwickshire DA THS at Bembridge, a place we frequented as a family many years ago. Little has changed!

This is after a 2 day gap from stewarding Hinderwell, which despite the beautiful weather was sparsely attended. From those who did visit they gave positive comments on what a good location the site was in, but due to the magazine insertion recommending advance booking were nearly put off! Perhaps this was the cause of the reduced numbers as a few commented they normally give sites advertised this way a wide berth! From conversations with Christine & Paul at Kettlewell it seems to be going somewhat better!!

However on social media there are some adverse comments about the pricing of THS and weekend meets but it is rare that landowners keep their prices static and our biggest costs “hidden costs” are VAT and waste disposal!

You should be receiving this Rams Head at our “end of holiday’s meet” at Pugneys Water Park which to me marks the run into the dark nights and colder weather. However we can’t complain on the bumper summer we have experienced!

There are plenty of meets yet to join us for the rest of the year and also the opportunity to gain your maximum credits towards our winter ball in December.

Bookings will soon be available for Scarborough, York, Elland & the New Year meet at Storthes Hall….
Where has 2018 gone??


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