Roman’s Forum – May day 2018 Edition

What a great night we had back in March celebrating our 50th Anniversary, it was a shame that the Arctic weather blew in and the snow meant that a number of guests couldn’t make it. However some did brave the elements and took some very long & tricky deviations from the main routes to Elland to be with us!

A couple of weeks later and the elements attacked us yet again, not snow this time, but torrential rain! We had a good day on Thursday preparing the field, pegging out & laying the water supply and we thought we were fortunate to have a relatively dry field to work with particularly hearing that there was quite a few cancelled Easter meets up and down the country with wet fields.

Despite the deluge over the next few days our programme went ahead as planned even though it was soggy under foot for those in Admin and cooking the food! Thanks to Brian Jamieson for bringing the mobile radios, which proved invaluable when trying to find places to site the ‘vans & motorhomes.
Our Sunday games on the field went ahead without hitch, even though I am sure the egg & spoon race was not meant to be run in wellies!
As usual, we had near full attendance in the Ebor Suite both nights for our entertainment, with most of the 300 seats taken. The themed pirate race night was very successful and our act on Sunday, Laura Kelly went down a storm.
Due to the weather there was a steady flow of departures on Monday, more than usual & help to get off was provided by the assistance of the racecourse tractor & a number of those who had the “beefier” 4×4’s!!
I have received a lot of positive feedback that despite the weather the DA again provided a memorable entertaining Easter meet and a lot of those will be returning next year.

It is relevant at this point to mention that BOTH the above events could not have taken place without the help & commitment of ALL members who helped and participated – this is what makes it all worthwhile and my thanks go out to all of you!

As May Day approaches I hope that we can kiss the adverse weather goodbye and start the rest of the camping year in weather more affable to our outdoor activities!


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