Roman’s Forum – October Edition 2018

Unfortunately I am writing this sat adjacent to my bed in ward 16 at the Leeds General Infirmary!
Most of you will know that following rigorous testing to ascertain the cause of what I thought was a form of indigestion over a couple of years, that in May I was diagnosed with a heart condition and ultimately recommended for bypass surgery. Well, whilst awaiting for the call for the operation, I went to rural Wales to help celebrate Helena’s 30th. During that weekend I suffered a mild heart attack (there were SEVEN doctors and a VET in attendance so I suppose I was in good hands!) and after a longer than anticipated stay in Wales, I was subsequently transferred to Halifax and then Leeds!

My last “outing” with the DA was at Pugneys and what a beautiful weekend that was with wall to wall sunshine, games galore, a super BBQ tea and a good turnout of units! Well done to everyone who helped and participated. I can look back at the photos on my phone and remind myself of what I’m missing!

Behind the scenes work is ongoing to complete the 2019 fixtures and the task of finding stewards will begin again. A recent request has just gone out to cover a couple of meets where due to family circumstances our nominated stewards are unable to continue with the plan. Equally important to getting a nominated steward in the first place is to quickly respond to cover these last minute requests as the result is the same…..No steward = No meet!

As we draw close to the end of 2018 please remember to book for the forthcoming events – Scarborough THS, York Shopping Meet, Elland Winter Ball and of course, New Year at Storthes Hall!

Thank you to all those who have sent me best wishes and hopefully I will be “sliced & diced” shortly and be able to join you again soon, if not York but certainly Elland.


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